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Sant Cugat in the conference of European projects, November 17, 2022

sant cugat

On the 17th of November 2022, the BD4NRG pilot, Sant Cugat participated in the conference of European projects, during a visit to the city by the representatives of the German Czech Economic Forum (GCEF), which was held at the facilities of the Sant Cugat Town Hall.

During the conference, Sant Cugat presented the European projects in which it participates, and the activities carried out within the framework of the cooperation. As part of the participation in the BD4NRG project, Sant Cugat presented the progress of activities including the big data analysis of 3 municipal buildings to seek the greatest energy savings but maintaining thermal comfort. In particular, the Thermal Comfort Validator (TCV) tool -a cross-platform web-app that estimates the Predicted Mean Vote comfort inside a building-, is being leveraged, to predict occupant's comfort levels per proposed intervention. In this way, Sant Cugat  bridges the gap between controllable building parameters and thermal comfort aspects, by conducting an extensive study on the efficacy of different ML techniques for modeling comfort levels, while trading off with energy efficiency.  

The main benefit will be a finer grained and more accurate thermal comfort prediction considering both energy consumption savings and thermal comfort in EPC and building renovation machine learning (ML)

You can read more and download the presentation of the conference here.