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02.11.2022 |

BD4NRG participates at Big Data Alliance meeting, 4th November, 2022


We are glad to announce that the BD4NRG will be part of the last meeting of the Big Data Alliance (BDA) of the year, which will take place on 4th of November, at 11 AM CET (CET) hosted by the MATRYCS project.

BD4NRG is invited to present the project insights and give information for the application, submission and evaluations procedures of the BD4NRG Open Call.

We invite you to register in advance for the upcoming BDA meeting here.

More info about the BD4NRG Open Call here.


What is the Big Data Alliance (BDA)???

Emerging from the Horizon2020 MATRYCS project, the Big Data Alliance (BDA) is a structured collaborative space for selected and active stakeholders that together will solve the practical challenges relating to building lifecycle management by combining meaningful data sets and using data analytics. The following stakeholders are involved: policy makers and representatives of standardisation organisations (SDOs), energy sector companies, organizations from the building and construction sectors, financial institutions, IT industry players and SMEs, industry associations and technology clusters, research centres and universities and the general public.

Initially designed to focus on buildings, the Alliance is also open to growth and the inclusion of other thematic clusters - such as energy, water or transport - that follow the same processes, ultimately covering multiple sustainable urban development domains.