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10.03.2023 |

3rd International Workshop on Big Data Analytics in the Energy, 10-12 July, 2023, Volos, Greece

IISA 2023

The BD4NRGMATRYCS and DigiBUILT projects, will participate in the 14th International Conference on Information, Intelligence, Systems and Applications (IISA 2023), which will take place on July 10 – 12, 2023, technically co-sponsored by IEEE, the University of Piraeus and the University of Thessaly. During the Conference, a Special Session will be held based on the research activities of the three projects.

The constantly increasing momentum of big data, and the increasing adoption of leading-edge information and communication technologies, constitutes an unprecedented market opportunity for improving energy efficiency and management. More specifically, the building sector and its lifecycle, power networks, smart grids and energy systems are sectors that are expected to take advantage of these technologies, aiming to improved operations and efficiency and providing added value for all the stakeholders.

With the rising availability of large datasets, being generated in every layer of the value chain in buildings and energy systems, new applications and services that will maximise energy efficiency and performance will be deployed. Hence, new methodologies and techniques are needed, in order to develop holistic applications that incorporate these emerging technologies and facilitate the transition into this digitised solutions environment.

In this context, this Special Session will focus on highlighting applications and cases that make use of data and appropriate techniques for the decision support of energy stakeholders, such as network operators, utilities, energy suppliers, building managers, investors and financiers, local and regional authorities, policy makers towards energy efficiency goals, through the use of the latest technology.

Read more about the event here and submit your paper by April 30, 2023.

Topics of Interest

  • Reference architectures for a data ecosystem.
  • Data interoperability and quality services.
  • Energy data sharing frameworks.
  • Data analytics techniques, algorithms and Digital Twins in the energy sector.
  • Innovative applications and high-quality energy services tailored to:

(a) improve reliability of smart grid.

(b) improve management of assets connected to the grids, as well as mobilise and optimally manage available flexibility.

(c) optimise comfort-enhanced building energy efficiency and management.

(d) improve energy efficiency investment de-risking.