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BD4NRG Open call winners


Data for Demand Side Flexibility optimization.

Company : Digital4Grids

Project Description

Digital4grids (D4G) is an SME focusing on developing new generation digital platforms using real-time energy data and energy price orchestration.

D4G has launched a new Cloud-based energy management platform called D4GInsights, targeting residential prosumers. Acting as a Distributed Energy Resources (DER) datahub it orchestrates energy data access across Prosumers, Flexibility Service providers and Grid operators to enable new distributed flexibility transactions. It aims to give Prosumers access the electricity flexibility market, allowing them to play a key role in the energy transition while reducing their energy bill.

The platform has been successfully demonstrated for monitoring and controlling residential homes in France, focusing on simple DER interfaces such as residential PV, water boilers, and EV chargers.

Our proposal consists in a real prototype demonstration based on the existing D4G Insights datahub infrastructures (as initiated through the Interrface and Onenet Horizon Europe projects) collecting information from smart meters, submeters leveraging interoperable IoT sensors as well as edge and cloud computing.

Challenge :

Flexibility Services require the ability to forecast DER’s energy consumption on a short to mid-term horizon (15 min, 1 h and 1 day). The traditional statistical methods used in the energy sector have proven limited efficiency, thus limiting the potential impact of Flexibility on both Grid optimization and Prosumer.

Proposed solution :

To improve the relevance of energy forecasts, Digital4Grids is leveraging the use of Machine Learning and AI tools.

By joining the BD4NRG project, D4G is aiming at :

  • Enriching its residential energy database by sharing data with other project partners.
  • Evaluating the AI models existing in the BD4NRG toolbox against the residential flexibility use-case.
  • Developing any relevant AI model for flexibility that would also enrich the BD4NRG toolbox.
  • Demonstrating the integration of these AI tools in the D4GInsight platform to automate home flexibility bidding into flexibility markets.

Main figures :

  • 5 homes instrumented.
  • About 30 devices connected (Heat Pumps, water boilers, PV panels, EV charging stations…).
  • Data recorded every minute.
  • Flexibility could bring up to 2000 € / year of revenue for a household depending on the use case.